My Many Sisters

From Ink Brush Press, Caroline Watanabe's My Many Sisters was released July 30, 2011

Caroline tells her poignant story of working with the Daughters of Charity in Taiwan with both disarming frankness and moving detail.


Caroline tells her story as it unfolds in a culture foreign to her. Working with people older than her grandparents, she found herself immersed in the lives of her many sisters and those they served. She tells her poignant story with both disarming frankness and moving detail. Her journal will take you to Taiwan, and through it you will see the people whose lives she touched and who came to care about this young woman with such zeal for life and empathy for the suffering and concerns of others.

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The Journal of a Volunteer with the Daughters of Charity

This is the remarkable journal of a young woman who had the vision and strength of character to leave the comforts of her home in Japan and travel to another country to volunteer with a home for the aged. Caroline Watanabe, a Japanese-American girl, at age 18 sought a way to consolidate her understanding of Mandarin Chinese and to give back to the world for allowing her a privileged life. She decided it best for her to go to Taiwan to help with one of the projects of The Daughters of Charity.  

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