My Many Sisters

My Many Sisters is now available from, Barnes& or the bookstore of your choice, on line or local.

From the Introduction

I was born in Osaka, Japan. My mother is Caucasian American and my father is Japanese. Until I started the first grade my parents made it a rule that my mother would speak to me only in English, while my father would speak to me only in Japanese. It worked out well, and I was bilingual by the time I could talk.

After going to the first grade in a Japanese school, my English started to slip. It was then that my parents decided that in our home we will speak only English. My upbringing included occasional visits to the United States. The result was that I became bilingual, bicultural, and binational. When I started high school, I quit the Japanese school and began to homeschool in English because I wanted to go to a university in America, and Japanese schools, while good at teaching English, could not help me with English as much as could homeschooling.

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